Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance  


Routine oral health is important to your employees’ overall health. However, in the past, offering affordable dental coverage to your employees may have been cost-prohibitive for your company. 


Your employees get the advantage of working with a business that offers them and their families a prized benefit: dental coverage that may cost them less than they could find on their own.

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You can offer a plan with five coverage options, all with low deductibles, giving your employees maximum flexibility to balance cost with coverage. All plans cover the following, for in-network and out-of-network care:


  • Preventive care, including exams and teeth cleaning
  • Basic care such as filling, extractions and root canals
  • Major care such as bridges, crowns and dentures


Additionally, employees can elect orthodontic coverage that can pay half the cost of care.


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How The Plan Works



Answers about the program, including eligibility, options, customer service and more.


NAM Health Care is fully ACA-compliant, administered by Mercer and sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), of which the Brick Industry Association (BIA) is an affiliate member. Medical, Dental, Vision and Life insurance are underwritten by UnitedHealthcare®. Plans are not available to member employers in all states. All licensed and appointed agents with UnitedHealthcare have the ability to sell the NAM Health Care offering through an open-distribution model.

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